Why Become an Umpire
There are many reasons for umpiring. They include a love of the game, the needs of the players, physical fitness, personal challenge and lastly earning a few spending bucks. read more...

Umpires Wanted
The NJBUA is looking for umpires! We offer training in rules and mechanics instruction for individuals wishing to become umpires for high school and independent league play. An excellent opportunity for personal growth and commitment to the sport. Click on "Contact Us" or call 856-287-3002 for more information. Also, Click on Cadet Tab for Cadet School Information!!

JOINING NASO     join now
The National Association of Sports Officials is an association which increases an official’s awareness for all components of his sport. Referee Magazine is sent to your home as a perk of the joing fee. News clips, rule changes, interpretations, briefs and much more are all available for viewing and reading on their website. A yearly convention allows you to meet other officials, some of worldy renown, at breakfast or luncheon meetings, seminars and lectures where ideas are exchanged and cultivated. A small reward of meeting these officials from across the country is the bonding which takes place, and then the possible scheduling assignments coming from assignors across the country to such events as the Fireworks Tournament in Colorado or the Bobby Sox Tournament in California. Another exciting event is exchanging association patches and insignia from these same officials. Makes for a real nice collection.

Finally, joing NASO gives an official an all around, any sport, source of immediate information on any topic. Phone numbers are available, links on the website for questions are available and an official has a real feeling of "belonging". Consider joing NASO today for an experience which will move you both forward, and up!


Understanding Your NASO Insurance

Officials know that at any game, anything can happen. Having NATO Insurance coverage as an official has an extra coverage all officals should welcome in their activity schedule.

Say you show up at a league sanctioned contest and one team is short players. The other team wanting to play the game says, "Hey ump, we’ll lend them a few players and let’s get rolling". You’re thinking now, gee, I got paid, let me run! NASO  covers all contests at all levels as long as they are sanctioned. A group of players who decide on a pick up game at 2 PM on Saturday can not be covered by an umpire who decides to work that game for fun.

However, in the scenario of a sanctioned league game, whose team is short, and players are lent for the game to start, is covered by NASO. You may officiate that contest and know all liability coverage is in force since the game was governed by regular league rules and procedures.

(Paraphrased from an article in Referee Magazine)



How to Become an Umpire
Starting on January 2nd, NJBUA holds a weekly training class. It is an eight week course that covers everything from classroom studies to on field mechanics. When the weather allows, we also take our cadets out to umpire a high school game. Our instructors are actually side by side with you and help you each step of the way. Upon completion of this course, you are then ready to become an official NJBUA umpire. We continue our training with regular organizational meetings held throughout the season. Not only is umpiring fun, but it is also a great activity to help keep you in shape. Oh yes, it can also pad your pockets with some additional spending cash. To find out more about becoming an NJBUA official, contact one of our officers by their listed e-mail address.

 Online Concussion Course Offered by


 If you are registered with NFHS you may click on your account page and take this course. If not registered, just go to NFHDLearn.com and register as a new user. You will need an email address and a password. After you have taken the course, you may save the Certificate or print it out for your sports Executive Board.