2011 NFHS Rules Changes

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2011/12 Mechanics Baseball Umpires Manual Changes:

Changes or additions are hi-lited in gray in both 2 man and 3 man

No change in field coverage for 2 man except the previous email on moving from
modified c to modified b when the infielders are  ’ in ’.  There are additions
in the beginning of the manual for umpires.  Changes in 3 man mechanics are

see the following pages for gray hi-lite adds or changes:

3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 34, 37, 44 ( #3 must be the same throughout the state), 58, 66,

High School Illegal Bat List 2011 Season


CombatVIRAB LouisvilleCB11H2 **MikenMBRB
**CombatVIRAB1 **LouisvilleCB81C **MikenMBTA3
**CTG AthleticsCTG 342 **LouisvilleCB83 MikenMBV-311
**CTG AthleticsCTG 709 **LouisvilleCB94 MikenMBV-321
CTG AthleticsCTG Woody **LouisvilleCBE115 MikenMBV-341
**DeMariniCAB10 LouisvilleCBE63 **NikeAero Fuse Cx2
**DeMariniCFB8 LouisvilleCBE64 **NikeBT0576-461 Cx2
**DeMariniCFB9 **LouisvilleCBE76 **NikeBT0576-901 Cx2
**DeMariniCFX10 **LouisvilleCBE77 **NikeBT9024
DeMariniDXCFB 2932-8 **LouisvilleCBE78 Nocona AthleticsDuo-Pro NK-271
DeMariniDXCFB 3033-8 **LouisvilleCBE84 Nocona AthleticsDuo-Pro NK-72
DeMariniDXCFB-3134-8 **LouisvilleCBE87 Radial Bat InstituteM180
DeMariniDXVCB 2831-9 **LouisvilleCBE92 **RawlingsBB5150C
DeMariniDXVCB 2932-9 LouisvilleCBXS **RawlingsBBRSHCL
DeMariniDXVCB 3033-9 **Mattingly BaseballBSTAB **RawlingsBBRSHCT
DeMariniDXVCB 3134-9 Mattingly BaseballBSTAB-K RawlingsR3114
**DeMariniVAB11 Mattingly BaseballBSTAB-L RawlingsR3214
**DeMariniWFB10 **MikenBBMV3C RawlingsR3314
**DeMariniWFB11 MikenMB322 RawlingsR3410
**DeMariniWFB9 MikenMB333 RayzistGR 32-B
**EastonBCN1 Synergy MikenMB335 RayzistM 32-B
**EastonBCN4 MikenMB344 RayzistMOAB B-32-F
**EastonBCN5 **MikenMBB RayzistMOAB GR-32-F
**EastonBCN7 Stealth MikenMBF ReebokB16A-32-AV10.1
**EastonBCN8 Stealth MikenMBF-3 ReebokB16A-33-AV10.7
**EastonBCN9 Stealth MikenMBF-312 ReebokB16A-34-AV10.10
**EastonBSN1 MikenMBF-323 **ReebokVOCAB1
**EastonBSS1 Stealth MikenMBF-333 Sertus LLCSER101
**EastonBSS2 Stealth MikenMBF-335 Sertus LLCSER102
**EastonBSS3 Stealth MikenMBF-341 **WorthABTTN
**EastonBZN1 Synergy **MikenMBFA3 WorthW321
**HoosierHoosier Manta Ray **MikenMBFAF3 WorthW331
**HoosierStingRay HB105 **MikenMBHA3 WorthW341
**HoosierTri Wood C105 **MikenMBHAF3   
** Note: Bats that have** next to them apply to ALL Bat Lengths