NJBUA Cadet:  Information

Congrats to our new Cadets!!

  • 1st year cadets begin 7:00 PM on  January 2, 2019 for eight weeks at Sterling High School
  • 2nd year cadets begin 7:00 PM on January 2, 2019 for eight weeks at Sterling High School
  • Fees are $20 for 1st year and $20 for 2nd year
  • Current NJBUA members may come to the class at no cost
  • Pass the word, bring in a new cadet that stays the year and receive $10 off next year’s dues.

 A word to our cadets:

It is in your best interest for development, experience and success to officiate every game you can get in the first two years of your career. Consider working little league, girls and women’s fastpitch, and baseball at all levels. Our association has the best games and the best opportunities for a cadet to learn the game and become a valuable asset.

Don’t expect the assignor to chase you down for a game. Call him, email him; let him know who you are and that you are available NOW!

Lastly, it is important to enjoy the game.  Have fun and make the best of it.  Good luck to all of you.